WordPress 4.7.4 Update

WordPress 4.7.4 was relesased on April 20 and contains 47 bug fixes and impoves the compatibility with the latest Chrome version and also brings improvements to the REST API. The update introduces no new features.

The main bug fixes are:

  • Twenty Seventeen: Some parts do not escape html attributes
  • Twenty Seventeen: navigation.js should be enqueued with jQuery as dependency
  • Twenty Seventeen: Incorrect heading hierarchy for front page sections
  • Twenty Seventeen: Bump version and update changelog
  • Customizer: Widgets: If your theme only has one widget area, we should open it automatically
  • Customize Menus: clicking outside of the available menu items panel does not close the panel
  • Customize: sections and panels that are open and become inactive should be closed
  • Customize: Template for site icon control fails to check if full image size exists before using
  • Customize: Selective refresh always falls back to full refreshes when customizing the 404 template
  • Can’t preview starter content “Home” menu item in subdirectory installation
  • Use get_user_locale() in Customizer
  • Adding page created with the dropdown-pages settings to menu creates Custom Link instead of Page
  • Customize: Video header control fails to use is_header_video_active() for active_callback
  • Customize: IE9 errors when attempting to generate changeset parameter
  • Customize: Client-side notification error is unexpectedly cleared when no corresponding server-side validation
  • Customize: all previewable links are blocked in the customize preview on IE11
  • Customizer links should use canonical admin URL
  • Editor: Cursor position bug when updating WPView shortcode in 4.7.4 RC
  • Login: Can’t log out completely without closing my browser
  • Media: media / post_mime_type related queries are very slow on larger sites
  • Media: wp_get_image_mime() returns ‘application/octet-stream’ for non-image files.
  • Media: Broken video/audio thumbnails because of corrupted blob meta data
  • Media: Audio/video uploads are broken in 4.2.13 and 4.3.9
  • Media: Crop Image button off-screen on mobile
  • Posts: Register missing REST API properties on WP_Post_Type
  • REST API: Add gmt_offset to base /wp-json response
  • WP_REST_Posts_Controller::check_read_permission() should check if $parent exists before calling itself
  • Tags and Categories should have a “slugs” parameter for batch fetching
  • REST API: Issues with dates and DST
  • REST API: Users endpoint slug parameter should allow an array of slugs
  • Taxnomy: Register missing REST API properties on WP_Taxonomy
  • Taxnomy: Incorrectly formatted $taxonomies parameter passed to wp_get_object_terms filter
  • Taxnomy: Term cache isn’t cleared completely when setting and removing object terms
  • Themes: Introduce exclusion for WP_Theme::scandir()
  • TinyMCE: Image popup toolbar does not support Chrome Beta

An official list can be found here.

Remember to backup before installing the update.

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