WooCommerce Theme and Plugin Developer Handbooks

Today, WooCommerce core developer Claudiu Lodromanean released new handbooks for WooCommerce theme and plugin developers on the WooCommerce development blog. All of the important information you need when developing plugins and themes for WooCommerce has been summarized, compiled, and aggregated into two helpful guides called the WooCommerce Theme Developer Handbook and the WooCommerce Plugin Developer Handbook.

These handbooks contain overviews, examples, best practices, and links to other relevant documents. They are an excellent way for people beginning WooCommerce development to get up-to-speed as well as a useful reference for experienced developers.

If you notice any important topic or links to documentation you reference regularly missing from these handbooks, please leave a comment in the original post so they can make these as useful as possible for everyone.

(Picture courtesy of nd3000/Fotolia)

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