WooCommerce 3.3.2-3 Fix Updates

The WooCommerce 3.3.2 update was released on February 20 and brings a lot of fixes. There are almost 20 fixes for issues like faulty image processing and 10 tweaks for instance the enhanced image handling in this update.

Here is an overview of the fixes:

  • Fixed admin product SKU searching and searching non-published products.
  • PHP7.1 notice when image height is empty.
  • Prevent repeated update_option calls on page load due to php type juggling.
  • Only do unsupported template rendering in the loop to prevent conflicts with other shortcodes on the shop page.
  • Don’t prepend regular shortcodes with categories.
  • If using get_catalog_ordering_args. remove the args when finished.
  • Remove “Type” column on attributes table by default unless custom types are defined.
  • Use verbose page rules when shop is in the URL, including shop base with category, to prevent 404s.
  • Set woocommerce_hide_invisible_variations to true so disabled variation attributes are hidden on product pages.
  • Help tip for webhook status.
  • Shipping zone documentation help link was printing wrong.
  • Stop background processing images when disabled via the filter.
  • Only search when a search term is provided. Ignore empty strings.
  • Fix check for external resources.
  • Show full date for future orders.
  • Prevent JS error is ‘orders’ row is disabled on order screen.
  • Fix save of tax settings when no changes have been made.
  • Add nonce to logout link on my account page so you do not need to confirm the action.
  • API – Set status after order is created/updated so triggered emails are current.
  • API – Fix single webhook endpoint.
  • Tweak – Added help text for background image processing.
  • Tweak – Added notice when background image processing is running, with cancel button.
  • Tweak – Run background image processing less often by tracking changes.
  • Tweak – Added system status tool to run background image processing manually.
  • Tweak – If using Jetpack Photon, use that instead of background image processing.
  • Tweak – Gallery thumbnail image size to handle small, square cropped images.
  • Tweak – Helper function (and template version bump for image templates) to render gallery images.
  • Tweak – Add help text for the default category to explain usage.
  • Tweak – Allow changing the default product category.
  • Tweak – Tweak mobile view of order preview to improve layout in non-english.
  • Tweak – If selecting text, don’t link to order on row click.
  • Localization – Remove isle of man state.

The official article is available on woocommerce.wordpress.com.


On day later WooCommerce 3.3.3 was released with five additional fixes.

These are the fixes of the latest update:

  • Fixed is_numeric check which was affecting order subtotals/totals when using comma decimal separator.
  • Add missing direct script access checks to loop templates.
  • Added wp-post-image class to main image so variation images are swapped correctly.
  • API – Adjusted schema for products shipping_class_id to integer.
  • Made init tooltips event more specific to avoid conflict with Product Invoices extension.

Remember to create backups regularly and before installing updates.

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