WooCommerce 3.2 Update

WooCommerce 3.2 has over 1600 commits and is a larger update but still compatible with 3.0 and 3.1 sites. This version brings a lot of new features, fixes and enhancements with it.

Here an overview about the new features:

  • It is now possible to apply coupons on existing orders. To use this new feature, simply edit an order, click the “apply coupon” button and enter a coupon code.
  • WooCommerce 3.2 supports a new plugin header named “WC Tested Up To”. With this, plugin authors can specify which versions of WooCommerce have actually been tested. This is usefull to prevent incompatibilities, also you can see if a plugin isn’t regular updated.
  • There are now more accessible enhanced select boxes, with keyboard and improved screen-reader support available in admin and on the checkout.
  • WooCommerce simplified the ability to resend order details to customers by including one option to “resend” on the edit order page.
  • The wizard has been revamped to help with shipping, payment gateways, and opt-in to services like automatic taxes and shipping labels.
  • Sorting on the grouped product field to control display order of products on the frontend is now possible.
  • The product category filter on the products screen has been AJAXified to avoid the need to load all categories at once.
  • When showing search results, the sorting dropdown is now back. This defaults to sorting by relevance rather than date.
  • This update added a new option to control the maximum depth of categories shown in the product category widget.
  • In order to make it easier for customers who use a large number of WooCommerce.com extensions on their stores, there is a new filter allowing you filter extensions by status.
  • There is also a new notification icon under the “Extension” menu item, as well as the “​​My Subscriptions” tab, indicating the count of extensions that can be updated.

New features for store builders and developers:

If you’re building stores or developing on top of WooCommerce here is an overview about the changes:

  • WooCommerce unified the product shortcodes into one single, consolidated “products” shortcode which supports the options of all legacy product shortcodes.
  • New search helpers for products.
  • The update added store street address, city and postal code to settings for use by plugins and services which need this data.
  • Wrapping values in quotes will now let you use commas in the product CSV importer.
  • If a fatal error occurs, WooCommerce will catch and log it to be viewed in WC > Status > Logs. This can be useful for debugging and support.
  • A new option was added to control the maximum depth of categories shown in the product category widget; this was another user request.

To prevent incompatibilities and issues backup your site before installing updates.

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