WooCommerce 3.1.2 Update

WooCommerce version 3.1.2 was released on August 15 and contains 17 fixes for all kind of issues.

  • Importer: Prevent multiple placeholders being created when mixing IDs and SKUs.
  • Importer: correctly set stock management props.
  • Importer: Allow „unfiltered_html“ for name, description and short description fields.
  • Fix filename image handling.
  • Rest API: Allow OPTIONS requests.
  • Fixed missing reviews in product_page shortcode when querying by SKU.
  • Don’t subtract negative taxes in net sales report.
  • Sort by order + zone ID as a fallback in shipping zones so the zones always match in the same order.
  • Corrected subject and heading in customer refunded email.
  • Corrected handling of custom checkbox fields in checkout get_posted_data method.
  • Fix admin help videos async property.
  • Fixed price filters by introducing precision.
  • Improved customer IP address detection.
  • Fix dark theme readability.
  • CLI tools command.
  • Adjusted shop manager role to prevent unfiltered HTML being used.
  • Various notices/warnings.
  • Correctly invalidate cache after saving order items.
  • Added “woocommerce_data_store_wp_{$this->meta_type}_read_meta” filter.

Remember to create a backup the website before installing updates.

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