WooCommerce 3.0.8 Fix-Update

In the latest WooCommerce version 3.0.8, which was released on June 6, includes 27 fixes. It’s “only” a fix-update and improves the reliability and usability.

The fixes are:

  • Include multi-dimensional array support in oAuth1.0.
  • Stock/backorder notice when stock management is disabled.
  • Handle shipping item taxes if set to avoid the legacy fallback.
  • Variations should inherit purchase_note from parent.
  • Check if subtotal is blank, not empty, before setting for order items.
  • Cancelled email should be send for processing orders, not pending.
  • Missing variable in legacy API.
  • Correct price query when on a post type archive.
  • Missing $ip Variable in geolocation class.
  • A single multi-word attribute is fine for variation titles.
  • Gallery should be updated even if empty in REST API.
  • Fix saving of text attributes with special chars.
  • Undefined index warning when saving variations with stock management disabled.
  • Use meta id instead of key in WC_Order_Item::offsetGet.
  • Format parent stock qty on read.
  • Hide replies from recent reviews widgets.
  • Use formatted weight and dimensions for variations.
  • Ensure we have child before getting price to fix a notice in grouped products.
  • Fixed unicode characters when saving webhook delivery logs.
  • Avoid deprecated ID in legacy API.
  • Add correct args to woocommerce_shipping_zone_method_deleted and woocommerce_shortcode_products_query hooks.
  • Correctly append cache in product widget.
  • Add ability to invalidate cache by object ID.
  • Notice in structured data class.
  • Only delete if an object has an ID in CRUD to avoid wp_delete_post using global ID.
  • Avoid notices on checkout by ensuring all legacy data is correctly set.
  • Add failed to processing event for the processing email.
  • Store user ID and use that to determine if the session should be loaded or not. Ensures user data is correct and shipping calculator data is stored.

Remember to backup before installing an update!

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