WooCommerce 3.0.4-5 Updates

WooCommerce 3.0.5

The latest Version of WooCommerce was released on April 28 and contains fixes for issues of the previous versions.

  • Fix – Tooltip display within shipping zone modals.
  • Fix – Fix missing title for actions column on mobile.
  • Fix – Allow forward slash in telephone field.
  • Fix – Sort grouped products by menu order when displaying.
  • Fix – Fix term exclusion in term count queries.
  • Fix – Filter invalid products before returning them for wc_get_products.
  • Fix – Prevent orders being their own parent (causes errors).
  • Fix – Correctly migrate legacy shipping taxes data.
  • Fix – Make sure the meta data cache is not shared among instances.
  • Fix – Correct the stock display notice when a variable product manages stock for it’s children.
  • Fix – On multisite, add user to blog during checkout if not a user to prevent errors.
  • Fix – Correct sale price date handling with some timezone setups.
  • Fix – wc_attribute_taxonomy_id_by_name needs to use lowercase attribute slug to work.
  • Fix – Make changes to the buyer’s company name in the shipping section of checkout persist.
  • Tweak – Add required placeholder for meta fields in backend.
  • Tweak – Don’t strtolower address strings on checkout validation messages.
  • REST API – Prevent password change notification when creating a customer.
  • REST API – Removed duplicated items returned in shipping and checkout endpoints.
  • CLI – Fixed missing shipping zones route.
  • Dev – Make get_price_html handling match 2.6 and pass all values through woocommerce_get_price_html filter.
  • Dev – Legacy customer class missing get_address / get_address_2 functions.
  • Dev – Restored filter woocommerce_checkout_customer_id during checkout validation.
  • Dev – Adds missing $this argument for all woocommerce_payment_complete_order_status filters.

WooCommerce 3.0.4

The WooCommerce update 3.0.4 fixes many bugs, but does not contain any new features or security enhancements.

The changes are:

  • Fix – Variations were not inheriting the product image and shipping class ID.
  • Fix – Prevent rating/review counts being duplicated when duplicating products.
  • Fix – Fixed gallery navigation between images with long captions.
  • Fix – Support transparent PNG in the gallery by setting a background color.
  • Fix – Removed name/company from the shipping address Google map links.
  • Fix – Fixed the address field sorting script on the checkout.
  • Fix – Fixed the upgrade routine for grouped products so that parents are unset.
  • Fix – Fixed support for WordPress 4.7 user locale settings.
  • Fix – Fixed default option filter for product types in the product meta box.
  • Fix – Improved the css in Twenty Seventeen for dark color schemes.
  • Fix – Fixed display of refunds in sales report.
  • Fix – Updated single-product/add-to-cart/variable.php template version to 3.0.0 since it had changes since 2.6.
  • Fix – Fixed warnings when product attribute do not exists.
  • Fix – Used a div for comment-form-rating to prevent invalid nested markup.
  • Fix – Fixed some logic that checks if order taxes are compound.
  • Fix – Fixed SKU checks to only exclude products that are trashed.
  • Fix – Fixed display of download permissions in first email sent after checkout.
  • Fix – Hidden the backorder notification stock text when notification is disabled.
  • Fix – Fixed incorrect stock numbers in low stock emails.
  • Tweak – Removed the non-functional order total input box, and combined the recalculation buttons into one working button.
  • Tweak – Updated Guided Tour videos.
  • Tweak – Updated js-cookie.js to 2.1.4.
  • Tweak – Updated schema.org URLs to use HTTPS.
  • Tweak – Status report request timeouts.
  • REST API – Fixed an issue that prevented deleting a term if errors were thrown during creation.
  • REST API – Fixed reports endpoint when querying by date.
  • REST API – Fixed ignored order parameters when changing order status.
  • Dev – Support guest orders in wc_get_orders function.
  • Dev – Fixed downloadable variation filters for download URLs.
  • Dev – Added safeguards to prevent infinite loops while saving coupons, products and orders in admin.
  • Dev – Added a fallback for queue_transactional_email if background sending is disabled.
  • Dev – Added has_shipping_address helper method.
  • Dev – Introduced woocommerce_order_item_get_formatted_meta_data filter.
  • Dev – Made wc_add_order_item pass correct values to woocommerce_new_order_item.
  • Dev – Fixed legacy_posted_data access in checkout class.
  • Dev – Fixed undefined property notice in WC_Order_Item::offsetGet.
  • Dev – Fixed PHP 7.1 warnings when using non-float values to wc_get_weight().
  • Dev – Fixed incorrect variable name in wc_add_order_item().

More detailed information for this update can be read in the WooCommerce developer blog.

Always backup your system that you can restore your system by a failed update installation.

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