WooCommerce 2.6.14 Update

The update for WooCommerce Version 2.6.14 was released on February 3. It’s an update which brings small improvements and fixes.

* Fix – Ensure product exists in wc_update_product_stock.
* Fix – Send emails using the site language.
* Fix – Remove tilde typo.
* Fix – Fixed notice in get_rating_count.
* Tweak – Define arg and return data types, added extra descriptions, and correctly cast IDs in the Rest API.
* Tweak – Handle custom error data in WC_REST_Exception.
* Tweak – Display conflicted product ID when using a duplicate SKU via the API.
* Localisation – Add Finnish defaults to the installer.

More detailed information for all updates can be read in the WooCommerce changelog or developer blog.

Always backup your system that you can restore your system by a failed update installation.

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