Magento 2 is most Contributed PHP GitHub Repository in 2017

Marcel Pociot wrote an interesting article about the PHP year 2017 in review. For the statistics, he used the free GitHub Archive data in combination with Google BigQuery, which lets you process 1TB of data per month free of charge. Among the most starred new PHP repositories in 2017 you can e.g. find the new WordPress Gutenberg editor on place #5. Although WordPress core is not developed on GitHub, it’s on place #22 of the most starred PHP repositories in 2017.

Magento is not that high up on the repository stars, but it has the most number of contributors, i.e. commits, issues, issue comments or pull requests. Up second there is Laravel once again – so not only is it the most popular PHP framework of 2017, based on the GitHub stars, but it’s also the PHP framework that had the highest number of contributors this year.

  1. magento/magento2 with 4622 contributors
  2. laravel/framework with 3897 contributors
  3. woocommerce/woocommerce with 2952 contributors
  4. nextcloud/server with 2545 contributors
  5. symfony/symfony with 2007 contributors

When it comes to the top framework dependencies among the 600 most popular repositories, though, Symfony has a share of 53.0%, Laravel 40.9% and Zend Framework 3.6%.

(Photo by Lukas from Pexels)

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