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Earlier this month, Magento released Magento DevBox Beta to make developing on Magento 2 faster and easier by using Docker. Docker automates the deployment of applications inside software containers that include everything the application needs to run.

I’ve been playing around with Docker for some time now and also went to a couple of Docker meetups in Zürich, but I still consider myself new to the container approach. I’m convinced, though, that it’s not only the future for local development environments, but also for deploying web applications in production.

Magento 2 DevBox Beta is available for both Mac and Windows and works with the latest versions of Magento 2 Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. It includes a web server and MySQL database server by default. And you can configure it to include a Redis data cache server, a Varnish page cache, Elasticsearch and RabbitMQ message queues. All included tools are configured for development and are not intended for production deployment.

At our first Magento meetup in Zürich this year Aarno presented APPUiO, a Swiss container platform,  which enables developers to use Magento 2 on Docker in production, so it would be quite interesting to make Magento 2 DevBox compatible with APPUiO, so that it’s not limited to development environments.

I went through the DevBox setup process with an existing Magento 2 project, but didn’t succeed right away, although with a new Magento 2 install it seems to be working without any problems.

To try for yourself and learn more about Magento 2 DevBox, please read the official blog post.

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