Advanced Magento 2 Developer Training in Zürich

Magento Developer Training

On March 23 and 24, 2018 an advanced Magento 2 developer training with Jisse Reitsma will take place in Zürich. This training will not cover the basics like dependency injection and composer but will focus on RequireJS and KnockoutJS, two new technologies in Magento 2 that were not used in Magento 1.

With these JavaScript technologies it has become possible to modify things like checkout, price modelling, shopping carts without core hacks and weird tricks. This training gives frontend developers an excellent kickstart with Magento 2 JavaScript.

The Magento 2 theming layer is all about Javascript: jQuery scripts and dependencies are lazyloaded via RequireJS, components comply to the AMD standard so that HTML DOM and JavaScript modules are separated from one another. KnockoutJS gives additional AngularJS-like twists to the whole, whereas UIComponents combine the whole lineup of XML layout, HTML templates, PHTML templates, AJAX calls, KnockoutJS and RequireJS to glue things together into reusable parts. This Magento 2 theming training explains how you can work independently with these JavaScript techniques and is therefore an essential part of the learning curve of a frontend developer.

Magento Developer Training Zürich November 2017

Target Audience

  • Technical merchants
  • Web designers
  • Frontend developers


  • JavaScript and jQuery
  • Module patterns, JavaScript classes
  • AMD and RequireJS scripts
  • KnockoutJS
  • UIComponents


  • English

 Minimum Requirements

  • Some experience with Magento 2
  • Knowledge of XML layouts in Magento 2 theming


  • P5 Citizen Space, Heinrichstrasse 267o, 8005 Zürich


Jisse Reitsma is the lead developer of 60+ Magento extensions, and has given technical Magento trainings for years. Besides his ability to understand complex technology, he is skilled in making this knowledge understandable for everyone. With him, you can expect in-to-depth guidance plus lots of practical tips. Jisse is part of the Zend Z-Team and has been awarded Magento Master “Mover” 2017.


The 2 day training is 800 CHF excl. VAT.

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