• Migration von osCommerce auf Magento
  • Umsetzung Redesign als responsives (mobiloptimiertes) Design (Theme)
  • ERP-Integration von ImPuls fashion XL (Comarch) via Magento SOAP API
  • Erweiterte Suche mit Auto Complete, asynchrones Index Management und Full Page Cache


We’ve built Titolo’s first online store in 2007 and accompanied their passion for product and craftsmanship all through 2015 and 2016 in order to enable their remarkable growth. They always strive to offer their customers the most sought after releases in the market.

If they don’t feel a certain connection to a brand, they will not stock it. The philosophy and quality is what’s most important to them. This counts for all matters; brands, products, shopping experience and last but not least, their staff.

Ort: Bern und Zürich



  • Magento
  • ZURB Foundation
  • ImPuls fashion XL (Comarch)