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In order to be both release lead of WordPress 4.8, released 10 days ago, and CEO of Automattic, a company with over 500 employees, Matt Mullenweg put investing in interesting startups on hold. Whereas during his twenties he was able to work 14-18 hours a day, in his thirties he works out every now and then and must be much better at time management. If he could go back in time and give some general advice to his 18 year old self, he would suggest regular workouts, because he realized how positive the impact is on being able to think more clearly.

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An interview is often only as good as the questions asked by the interviewer. This interview conducted by Simon Kraft from PressWerk at WordCamp Europe 2017 is definitely full of good questions and very interesting answers.

I also learned that on, the managed hosting powered by Automattic, you can install any WordPress plugin you like if you select the business plan. So you can now e.g. have your hosted WooCommerce site starting at €24.92 (CHF 27.50) per month. I bet you didn’t know that, did you?

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