Ten Tips for Starting a Successful Online Business

Danny Santoro works at Automattic, the company behind WordPress and WooCommerce, where he does both customer support and software development. At WordCamp Northeast Ohio 2016 he revealed 10 tips for starting a successful online business.

Through painful, self-taught lessons and by seeing hundreds of other small businesses start, succeed, and fail online, in this talk he discussed ten “do”s and “don’t”s for small businesses of all shapes and sizes in the WordPress environment.


Topics included:

  • Choosing the right theme & plugins
  • Writing content for search results
  • Making your site stand out

At the end of the presentation, there are questions and answers.

In case you are wondering about this post’s featured image, it’s a hawk Deborah saw on campus during WordCamp.

What’s your favorite tip for starting a successful online business?

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