What’s next for online payments

I love listening to intelligent and professionally produced tech podcasts, so it’s always great to discover something like TECH TONIC which started out end of October 2016, with almost 30 episodes until today. It’s a weekly conversation that looks at the way technology is changing our economies, societies and daily lives. Hosted by John Thornhill, innovation editor at the Financial Times.

The last episode about what’s next for Stripe and online payments was the first one I listened to and one of my favourite topics as someone who loves to build online stores.

Personally, I believe that crypto currencies and blockchain based eco systems are next, but for Stripe’s John Collision it’s, among other things, about helping start-ups to expand internationally more easily with existing online payment systems which differen from country to country, but are easily implemented with Stripe.

He speaks to FT’s Leslie Hook about what he and his co-founder brother have planned for their online payments company which is used by many big brands, but also many small online merchants, often hidden in the background of an online store which is why you might not have heard about it at all.

Episode Overview

  1. Introducing FT Tech Tonic
  2. Harnessing the technological revolution
  3. Truth, lies and how to separate fact from fiction
  4. Keeping the cyber hackers at bay
  5. The driverless car revolution
  6. The driverless car revolution
  7. When data rules the world
  8. Inside Google’s innovation factory
  9. Fighting back against the throwaway culture
  10. Hacking foreign policy
  11. Re-empowering the consumer
  12. Blazing a trail for women in tech
  13. The changing face of Russian cyber espionage
  14. Disrupting the banking industry
  15. Living in a modern surveillance state
  16. When machines outsmart their human designers
  17. The future of work
  18. Sharing the cost of driving
  19. Coding for everyone
  20. Cracking the ed-tech market
  21. Science and security
  22. A look inside Uber
  23. The virtue of cash
  24. Political disruption and the internet
  25. Engineering your own chatbot
  26. How DeepMind vanquished Go
  27. What self-driving cars could do for robotics
  28. What’s next for Stripe and online payments

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