I told you so, encrypt your sites

See the guy with the beard and shades in the Magento 2017 Big Dam Run picture above? I met Talesh once personally at Magento Imagine in 2012 and had a short but good conversation with him at the pre-party. Although I’m connected with him via Facebook and Twitter I didn’t realize that he’s the host of magedef, a great video podcast about building defensible ecommerce which refers to securing your ecommerce website in a reliable and meaningful way.

Although Talesh is from the Magento community, this is for anyone who’s in ecommerce. The last episode was released on January 29, 2017 with another 9 episodes released in 2015 and 2016.

Episode Overview

  1. eCommerce Security podcast kickoff
  2. Don’t use SSL if you’re doing eCommerce
  3. Fix yo protocols, fix yo cipher suite
  4. SHA is dead! Long live SHA!
  5. New standards? Ain’t nobody got time for that!
  6. I am root….certificate
  7. If they take my stapler, it’ll set their servers on fire
  8. Verifying Certificates before it was cool
  9. TLS performance for eCommerce – Part 1
  10. I told you so, encrypt your sites.

So to get you started here’s the latest episode where Talesh warns us about the encryption wave thats coming crashing down on you if you haven’t already switched your site to HTTPS.

And here’s the comprehensive history of the most important events that shaped the SSL/TLS and PKI ecosystem mentioned in the episode. Based on Bulletproof SSL and TLS, by Ivan Ristić.

Looking forward to more episodes in 2017!

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